Siemens - Inventory Automation

Project: Inventory Automation

Employer: Siemens Mobility

Business Users: Rail Manufacturing Factory in Alpharetta, GA

Description: The project is to develop a software system that automatically manages inventory to reduce labor work on picking, packing and shipping by optimizing warehouse storage layout and controlling travel paths of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

The system will optimize warehouse bin layout, retrieve and move products using robots to reduce multiple pick zones, save time from traveling through the warehouse to search for items, minimize human errors, improve the order accuracy, and maximize efficiency of inventory management. 

Steven's Roles: Project is currently on blue print design phase, working with team to collect data of inventory movements and design functions of storage bin optimization. Will use Python to program the calculations of optimized storage management and build interfaces with robots and AGVs.

A robot (or AGV) retrieves and moves products in warehouse 





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