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My name is Steven, living in Atlanta, GA with my Mom and Dad. I am 15 years old and just started high school this year. Some of my hobbies include playing hockey, cooking, fishing, and playing video games with my friends. I play hockey for Atlanta Fire Elite National Team. I have 3 practices per week and many games on the weekends. Sometimes, I travel for the tournaments to great places around the country, such as Florida, Boston, Arizona, Chicago, and more. I enjoy it very much!

Each year, I do different things to raise money for Kenyan Kids to go to schools. I host different events with my family and friends in order to raise money for helping these Kenyan kids. I have a fun time doing sales and business, which if you are on my online shop, you can see that I sell a lot of apparel, artwork, sneakers, and special limited time events. Red Cat Brand has our own clothing line with Red Cat Apparel. Every design and t-shirt is produced by Red Cat, and clothing blanks come from the very best blank companies around the world. L.A.'s Bella Canvas is used for our t-shirts. All Kenyan artwork is hand crafted by native artist, Joyce Shihundu.  Another one of my hobbies is buying hype sneakers. The sneakers and apparel are always 100% authentic and deadstock, bought straight from the brands themselves. All revenue will be donated to CES Canada, a charity that helps kids in Kenya for education. I found it's fun to help them and see what a small action by me has on their daily lives.

With your help, I have raised more than $5000 in total and sponsored 18 Kenyan orphans' school years. It's been so fun to see more Kenyan kids that are a similar age as me being able to go to schools. However, my mission is not over. Please help me to support more kids in Kenya for education!




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