2021 July 4th Fireworks 

2021 Deerlake Firework Show T-shirts

The Deerlake community has always been special for Red Cat Brand and its influence in the community. For the 2021 July 4th Independence Day firework celebration, Red Cat Brand released special edition Firework Show T-shirts for Deerlake residents. This T-shirt release raised funds for next year's firework show while simultaneously celebrating Deerlake's massive Firework Show.

For the week of July 4th, Red Cat Brand sold t-shirts with community helpers (as pictured below) throughout the neighborhood, such as by the clubhouse, playgrounds, pool, etc. Thank you to all of our supporters who stopped by to support these young entrepreneurs! On the day of July 4th, Red Cat Brand set up a pop up shop at the viewing party, enjoying the show with our very own merch.

The firework show consisted of a 30 minute long display of the best fireworks, all planned by resident John Anderson (pictured at the bottom of the page). Thank you John for all of your great work, and Red Cat Brand hopes that next year, with our fundraising help, the show will bigger and better than it already is!

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