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Welcome to Steven's Red Cat Shop

Hi, this is Steven, the founder of Steven's Red Cat Shop. I am 15 years old from Atlanta, Georgia.  

Each year, I do different things to raise money for Kenyan Kids to go to schools. I host different fundraisers with my family and friends for this cause. Personally, I have fun doing sales and business, which if you are on my online shop, you can see that I sell a lot of apparel, artwork, and other special limited time events.

Red Cat Brand has our own clothing line with Red Cat Apparel. We produce every design, and our clothing blanks come from the very best blank companies around the world. L.A.'s Bella Canvas is used for our t-shirts. 

All Kenyan artwork is hand crafted by native artist, Joyce Shihundu. There are one-of-one paintings and greeting cards available to shop on our store. The greeting cards feature miniature paintings completed with the finest oil paints and fabric textures. 

All revenue will be donated to CES Canada, a charity that helps kids in Kenya for education. With your help, we have raised more than $5000 in total and sponsored 22 Kenyan orphans' school years. Our mission is still not over. Please help to support more kids in Kenya for education by looking around the store!
About Page
About Page
Red Cat Brand Apparel is the identity of our brand. Our merchandise is made with care, quality, and effort. Each Red Cat Brand Apparel release is guaranteed with the best quality whether it be t-shirt printing, embroidery, accessories, etc. Our designs are created with collaboration from the bright minds of our team and the community!

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