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Our Founder & CEO

“Young student entrepreneurs have mindset and skillset to be successful in business; they just need an opportunity. ”

Hello, this is Steven, 17 years old and the founder of Steven's Red Cat Shop. I've teamed up with my friends from all over the world to together, help grow our business and raise money for Kenyan Kids to go to schools. Red Cat Shop is a young entrepreneur-led brand. Energized and operated by young students, we deliver our services to you by living out a Customer First, Result-Driven, and Acting with Integrity Culture each and every day! With a commitment to raise funds for charity and support the community, our store offers a wide variety of products and seasonal fundraisers. Learn more below!

Our Story

Since Steven was 5 years old, he loved helping out other people. It was during this time that he started Red Cat by creating the iconic red and white logo. Being from Toronto, Canada, he started working with a charity based in Canada helping kids in Kenya for education named CES Canada. Steven developed a close relationship with the President of CES Canada, Michael Frederiksen. After living in the United States for 14 years now, Steven has expanded his charity fundraising goals through Red Cat Brand. Through his business efforts, Steven has over $20,000 in revenue, and supported over 50 Kenyan children for education. Now, Steven has partnered with his community and school to further continue and raise awareness for this great cause.

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Our mission

Red Cat's mission is to provide kids in Kenya a chance at a quality education. We want to help out those not as fortunate as us through our fundraising and community involvement. A simple purchase of Red Cat Apparel, imported Kenyan Arts from a native Kenyan Artist, seasonal fundraisers such as Fresh Vegetables, or products from Red Cat collaborations allows another kid in Kenya a closer chance towards being successful in the future.

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