Fresh Vegetables + Seedlings 2021

Fresh Vegetables + Seedlings 2021

Hi neighbors,

It is that time of year again for fresh vegetables. If you remember, I am Steven Hao, now 16 years old, living in DeerLake across the playground. I am the founder of the business Red Cat Shop.

Last summer, during the start of Covid-19, I decided to sell fresh vegetables in the neighborhood. Now, with a full year of experience, I have expanded product lines and delivery zones. For Spring Summer 2021, you can purchase fresh, organic vegetables and seedlings directly from my backyard. I have also expanded delivery to nearby neighborhoods. You will see more through the Nextdoor app (Steven Hao).

Fresh vegetables will be the same as last year. It will include your favorites such as cucumber, blueberries, tomatoes, etc. Additionally, we have added new veggies that you can take a look at once they are available for sale here.

The seedlings collection is new to this year! This year, you can buy vegetable seedlings for you to grow in your own home garden. It is cheaper, you control the harvest, and right now is the perfect time to purchase. Do so now in the seedlings collection found here.


Throughout spring summer 2021 season, I will deliver fresh organic vegetables from my home garden to you in order support charity and Kenyan kids for education.

Thanks for supporting me and kids in Kenya! Don’t forget whenever you are cooking and missing some fresh vegetables, feel free to text me, I guarantee you’ll get them within a few minutes if my garden has them! And remember if you are a senior, you can get all my vegetables and deliveries absolutely for free!

Steven Hao
April 17, 2021

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