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    Introducing Original Native Kenyan Artwork

    Hi, I am Steven from Atlanta, Georgia, I am now 15 years old. I will be continuing to sell Original Native Kenyan Arts. I started selling Kenyan arts to support orphan kids in Kenya for education since I was 11. All revenue from sales are donated to CES Canada  which is a charity that helps sponsor Kenyan kids to go to school. For more information, please refer to my fundraising page for details. 

    I was amazed by the beauty of these paintings and greeting cards; they are so creative and unique! Every single piece is original work and the main parts were handcrafted by a native Kenyan artist Joyce Shihundu using a combination of cloth and paints. I added more hand-made decorations after the arts arrived from Kenya, including framing, front card enhancement, and back cover design with a thank you letter. 
    Take a look at these fabulous pieces of art; they are full of my passion and love to support Kenya and all kids over there. I promise you will love them, too!

    Thank you for your support!

    Last Updated May 31, 2020


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    Joyce Shihundu calendar_today

    You’re doing a fabulous job.
    Keep it up.

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