2021 Fundraiser - Red Cat raised $2000 for Kids in Kenya

2021 Fundraiser - Red Cat raised $2000 for Kids in Kenya

It's another great year for Red Cat to sponsor more Kenyan orphans to enter secondary schools. In 2021, we have raised $2,000 through profits of Red Cat business - apparel, fresh vegetables and IT services. Through our charity CES Canada we will be able to sponsor another 8 Kenyan kids for a full educational year! Although the fundraiser had closed, you can still help by donating directly on our 2021 fundraiser page, purchasing Red Cat products online or sharing this post to your families or friends.

Since young, I've teamed up with my friends from all over the world to together, help grow our business and raise money for Kenyan Kids to go to schools. Red Cat Shop is a young entrepreneur-led brand. Energized and operated by young students, we deliver our services to you by living out a Customer First, Result-Driven, and Acting with Integrity Culture each and every day! With a commitment to raise funds for charity and support the community, our store offers a wide variety of products and seasonal fundraisers.

Red Cat's mission is to provide kids in Kenya getting a chance at an education. We want to help out those not as fortunate as us through our fundraising and community involvement. A simple purchase of Red Cat Apparel, the imported Kenyan Arts from a native Kenyan Artist, or the fresh vegetables from my backyard, allows another kid in Kenya a closer chance towards being successful in the future. Thank you for your support!

Since 2010, we have raised $10K+ throughout various fundraisers, sponsored 50+ Kenyan kids for school. Check out some of our fundraisers below: 

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Since 2010 - $25 Monthly Donations 


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