Seasonal Fresh Vegetables | Spring Summer 2020

Seasonal Fresh Vegetables | Spring Summer 2020

"Red Cat delivers fresh organic vegetables from home garden to support charity and Kenya kids for education."

Hi neighbors,

I am Steven Hao, 15 years old, living in DeerLake across the playground. Throughout spring summer 2020 season, I will deliver fresh organic vegetables from my home garden to you in order support charity and Kenyan kids for education.

Now is the time to order and pre-order fresh veggies, and I will deliver them to your door for free. You can pre-order fresh veggies in the vegetables collection of my shop or text me at 470-687-1118.

Thanks for supporting me and kids in Kenya! Don’t forget whenever you are cooking and missing some fresh vegetables, feel free to text me, I guarantee you’ll get them within a few minutes if my garden has them! And remember if you are a senior, you can get all my vegetables and deliveries absolutely for free!

Steven Hao
May 14, 2020

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