CES Canada Fundraiser 2020 END!

CES Canada Fundraiser 2020 END!

Happy Holidays everyone! As Christmas and New Years come around, I wish you all the best. On December 31st, our fundraiser link for 2020 will close. To all of our donators and shoppers, I would like to specially thank you for your contribution to helping Kids in Kenya having an education. Your contributions are the best gift a kid in Kenya could have hoped for this whole year, especially with a global pandemic going on. In 2020, we have raised $1000 dollars towards CES Canada, exceeding our goal. This is a huge deal that couldn't have been done without your support. With this money, we will be able to support 4 Kenyan kids to go to schools for an entire year! Through selling Red Cat Shop Apparel, fundraisers such as Fresh Vegetables and Kenyan Arts, and your heartful private donations, we have allowed for other people to have happy lives in the years to come. I truly appreciate all the support that Red Cat Influencers, shop supporters, and all people in general for helping creating a better world for others who are less fortunate.


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