The 2021 Fresh Vegetables Sale Has Ended!

The 2021 Fresh Vegetables Sale Has Ended!

The 2021 Fresh Vegetables Sale has ended for the season. This year, we implemented many new sales strategies and they all worked extremely well and further serviced the community. Read more in this blog.

For the 2021 Spring Summer vegetable season, we introduced a new series of products, vegetable seedlings. By selling seedlings for our vegetables, we could sell them directly to neighborhood gardeners or choose to transplant them into our own garden and then sell them during the normal vegetable market. This allowed us to open the season up sooner and provide additional needs to neighborhoods who wanted a way to have sustainable crops for themselves.

We also created a self-serve vegetable stand outside of our house with freshly picked vegetables, hand crafted advertising signs, and express pay options with PayPal and Venmo. This way, we could have additional sales to neighbors driving by and create free marketing. We partnered with many kids in the neighborhood to help with creating advertisement and stands throughout the season.

Thank you to everyone who supported this year's vegetable season and we look forward to next season!



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