The 2022 Vegetable Season Is Successfully Closed!

The 2022 Vegetables and Seedings Sale has ended. Thank you to everyone who supported this season's success. Over 200 fresh orders were delivered this season, and we have left a greater impact than ever before.

This year, we wanted to focus even more so on the community aspect. More neighbors became part of this vegetable initiative by supporting our deliveries. We thank everyone for their many great feedbacks regarding our services.

Throughout the summer, our neighbors, you, helped to take many high quality pictures for our webstore and social media to use. We received many great personal stories of how our fresh vegetables impacted your daily lives, such as bring back great memories of childhood experiences and bringing together families at the dinner table. We also worked together to create a massive campaign to collect used plastic boxes and reuse them for our vegetable deliveries. 

Thank you to everyone who supported this year's spring/summer vegetable season and look forward to an even better year next spring!

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