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    The Spring Summer 2020 Seasonal Fresh Vegetables Has Ended!

    The Spring Summer 2020 Seasonal Fresh Vegetables Has Ended. This season has been quite a success for fundraising money for charity. From my home garden and selling to my neighbors during the Covid-19 lockdown, this season has been quite a journey. 

    The idea for creating a market for fresh vegetables came during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. As families started staying home and a shortage of fresh vegetables in supermarkets, my Mom and I decided to start selling fresh vegetables in our home garden to our neighbors. We have always had a backyard garden, so this opportunity was to not only help our community, but to also start a fundraiser.

    Over the course of the Spring Summer 2020 season, which lasted from March to August, we have generated $600 alone towards CES Canada, a charity helping kids in Kenya for education. This will certainty help about 3 Kenyan children go to schools. We have also made a great presence in the community, including seniors who were given free vegetables. Throughout the season, we grew a variety of crops including the best-selling cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, and mixed greens. For a full list of the vegetables, head to the fresh vegetables tab in the shop.

    As the season wraps up, although, we are not planning to reopen the fresh vegetables market entirely, we plan to sell certain vegetables in demand. We are planning to fully reopen the market next season Spring Summer 2021, but time will tell as we get closer to that date.

    I, Steven Hao, want to finally thank each and every one of you for supporting Red Cat Shop and this sector of our business, and together we can help support more kids in Kenya for education!

    See you all next season!

    Steven Hao


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    Simon Sun calendar_today

    A great job!
    You are welcome to visit Sydney someday!

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