Tutorials - Shopify Webstore Building

Project: Shopify Webstore Building Tutorials

Client: Free training on YouTube

Description:  This Shopify Webstore Building Tutorials teach youth how to build a webstore for their schools from Shopify, one of the best E-Commerce solutions now. The step-by-step instructions lead learners to establish a finished webstore at the end of tutorials.

Steven's Roles: Self instructed and filmed 12-episode videos, and released on YouTube since 2021. 



Tutorials - Python Coding

Project: Python & Django Coding Tutorials

Client: Free training on YouTube

Description: RC Solutions provides series of free trainings to our community. This Python & Django Coding Tutorials are instructed based on our real project, Community Service Hours Tracking, from both business requirements and coding perspective. The HTML, Bootstrap and CSS coding are also included. 

Steven's Roles: Self instructed and filmed 10-episode videos, and released on YouTube since 2020. 




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Webstore - LSBA

Project: LSBA Webstore 

Client: Lambert Student Business Association (LSBA)

Description: The project had built a webstore LambertAll for LSBA with all products categories to meet school's daily needs. It's also a creative and inclusive platform where all students can run and showcase their business.

Steven's Roles: Self built LSBA webstore using Shopify. 







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Webstore - Red Cat

Project: Red Cat Webstore 

Client: Red Cat Apparel

Description: The project had built a webstore for Red Cat to conduct commercial sales online without major issue or downtime in past 4 years. The store has served customers hundreds of transactions, including international sales. It covers end-to-end sales process, from customer/product setup, order placement, shipment, invoice, till payment.

Steven's Roles: Self built and deployed Red Cat webstore using Shopify, trained customers to use, and supporting users since 2019.





Siemens - Inventory Automation

Inventory Automation, a software system developing for Siemens Mobility's rail manufacturing factory in Alpharetta, GA.