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Steven's Projects

A selection of software apps, webstores and coding tutorials developed for Siemens, Lambert High School and other clients.

Software App - Production Work Area Release Sheet

Employer: Siemens

Lead design and coding of Production Work Area Release Sheet for Siemens Mobility North America to facilitate internal communications of production order's discrepancies.

Software App - Employee Profile

Employer: Siemens

Developed Employee Profile App that used by factory supervisors and managers to conveniently inquire employee's basic information.

Software App - Competition Event Signup

Client: Lambert High School - FBLA Club

Developed Competition Event Signup App that allows FBLA students and teachers to online signup competition events, communicate each other, and run reports instantly. See a quick demo.

Software App - School Election Voting

Client: Lambert High School 

Developed School Election Voting App that the school uses to automate elections without bias. It can vote online, instantly count and report the voting results. See a quick demo.

Software App - Service Hour Tracking

To-Be Client: Lambert High School - BETA Club

Developed Community Service Hours Tracking App to enable the Club to sign-in online, log hours, and generate reports. See Python coding examples and a quick demo.

Webstore - Red Cat

Client: Red Cat Apparel

The project had built a webstore Red Cat to sell commercially online. The store has served customers hundreds of transactions in past 4 years, including international sales.

Webstore - LSBA

Client: Lambert Student Business Association (LSBA)

The project had built a webstore Lambertall with all products categories to meet school's daily needs, as well as an inclusive platform for all students to run and showcase their business.

Tutorials - Python Coding

Free Training on YouTube

The Python Coding Tutorials are instructed based on our real project, from business requirements and coding perspective. The HTML, Bootstrap and CSS coding are also included.

Tutorials - Shopify Webstore Building

Free Training on YouTube

The Shopify Webstore Building Tutorials teach youth how to build a webstore for their schools from Shopify. The step-by-step instructions leads to a finished webstore at the end.

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