Red Cat IT Consulting Newly Developed App for Lambert High School

Red Cat IT Consulting Newly Developed App for Lambert High School

Steven's Red Cat Shop is proud to announce an IT Consulting Service now available on This new market provides coding & programming, webstore design, business, charity, and other help to high school students.

Recently, the Red Cat IT Consulting Service developed a web application for Lambert High School. Lambert High School has many nationally recognized school clubs. FBLA is one of those clubs which trains Future Business Leaders of America. Lambert FBLA has the largest chapter in Georgia and the 3rd largest in the USA. FBLA members can signup for competitions that center on main business topics such as Business Ethics, E-business, and a variety of other events. In order to manage the signups better, Red Cat Shop has developed a Competition Signup System for Lambert HS's FBLA chapter, built entirely from customized code using Python & Django. Beforehand, teachers and students would rely on verbal communications and inefficient Google forms. Now with this customized system, the Lambert FBLA chapter can receive all students' signups from the web, via computers or mobile phones. Furthermore, teachers can access detailed reports that allow them to manage their chapter efficiently. In a few days since the launch on October 1st, over 100 students have successfully signed up for their competitions using this app. The online web system has truly saved lots of time and miscommunications for both teachers and students, and demonstrates a better way for schools to handle student's registrations.

Red Cat IT Consulting Service is very proud to develop and implement this web app for our School. If your school, church, community, or organization has such requirement to log or signup activities, please feel free to contact the Red Cat IT consulting service!

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